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Green Magic

Green Magic is a naturally derived new generation organic product. Being an organic product it has best characteristics as a plant nutrient. It enhances soil micronutrient portion. It provides Broad spectrum applications for enhanced root system to increase nutrient uptake which helps in disease resistant, plant growth and higher yield. It is eco – friendly.


Benefits :
1. Green Magic helps in improving root growth, shoot growth and leaf area development.
2. It enhances soil micronutrient portion.
3. Foliar application on the rhizosphere of the plant at early development stage improves
Plant growth and development of photosynthetic surface area.
4. It is derived from organic matter rich in organic substances essential for plant growth.
5. It over all increases the growth of plants.

Dose :
Use 6 kg Green Magic for one acre of land.

Application Process :
After the soil /land is prepared for cultivation by our super active organic manure, SABUJ GOLD and the land is ready for transplanting / sowing of seeds & seedlings, following process is followed after 30 days from sowing / transplantation–

1. 6kg of Green Magic is dissolve in 600 ltrs of water in uniform way.
2. Application is to be done on the rhizosphere in a circular way around individual plant keeping 6 inches distance from the plant (1st Application) and foliar application of MAGIC GOLD on the Phyllosphere of the plant is done on the same day.
3. Then every after 15 days from 1st application the same application is repeated of Green Magic & MAGIC GOLD upto flowering & fruiting stage of the plants till harvesting of agricultural crops. It can be applied in all agricultural & horticultural crops.

To get best result from Green Magic use our product SABUJ GOLD (Organic Manure) during preparation of Soil / Land for cultivation and also use our product MAGIC GOLD as foliar application on plants from time to time.

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