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Black Panther

How to Use :
Mix 1.5 gms to 2.5 gms of BLACK PANTHER in one litre of water. Apply the same at an interval of 6 days. To get better result mix Black Panther with our sticker (BOND) and apply as a Foliar spray on plants.

Area of Application :
It is recommended for Paddy, Chillies, Tea, Cereals, Pulses,Green Mango, Potato, all Vegetables and Horticultural crops. For better result spray on morning.

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BLACK PANTHER is naturally derived biotechnology product based on Basil and Pongamia Pinnata with biological Endo-toxins. Black panther is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide and bactericide which born due to bacterial and fungal attacks.

BLACK PANTHER is specially developed to prevent powdery mildew and downy mildew on various crops and also it prevents and protects from root rot, damping off, leaf spot, rust, blight and blast etc.

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