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Twister Super – GR

Twister Super – GR is a naturally derived new generation organic product. Being an organic compound, it has the best characteristics as a fertilizer. It stimulates the secretion of hormones necessary for plant growth, which enhances yield.

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Benefits :-
1. Stimulates root growth, increases root respiration and root formation.
2. Enhances plant’s natural resistance against disease and pest like shoot borer in paddy and sugar cane and Rice leaffolder and also protects the crop from other diseases.
3. Increases the quality of yields.

Remedy :-
In an attempt to make SHOOT BORER , STEM BORER and RICE LEAFFOLDER control more species – specific , We have developed TWISTER SUPER – GR a Bio – fatera with 100 % bio component to resist and eradicate SHOOT BORER , STEM BORER & RICE LEAFFOLDER from the infected area.

How to use :-
After sowing of seedlings , within 10 -12 days apply 4 kg. TWISTER SUPER – GR mix with 8 kg. sand per acre. It can be applied by way of manual spreading. Maintain adequate moisture before and maintain 4 inches of water level in the field for 4 days after application. Multiple applications at critical stages of crop ensure best results.

Note :- Do not mix with any other chemical fertilizer while spreading.

Recommendation :-
It is recommended for paddy , Sugarcane , Sweet corn , Maize , Ginger, Sorghum, Potato, Wheat etc.

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