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BULLET having its longer residual effect for longer control. It is not harmful for human beings and beneficial insects.

How To Use:
Use 100ml to 150ml of BULLET per Acre of land. Shows better result when it is mixed with BOND (sticker) and then applied. Shake well before use.

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BULLET is made from herbal alkaloids derived from wild plants having profuse toxic elements with insecticidal efficacy. BULLET can control all the cutting & chewing pests, Borers, Loopers & Semi loopers in all crops.
BULLET is capable to dissolve fatty layers of Hard to kill insects, to help better penetration of insecticidal elements of BULLET to kill the targeted insects in Plant.

•  BULLET is capable to control all the cutting & chewing Pests.
•  BULLET controls the looper attack in Tea plantation.
•  BULLET controls all the caterpillars in Tea.
•  BULLET have its anti-feedent activities for effective control of Pests.
•  BULLET acts as Strong contact action.
•  BULLET is capable to dissolve fatty layers of hard to kill insects.

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