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Magic Gold

Magic Gold is a biological extract containing humic acid , amino acid , & fulvic acid along with seaweed extract , organic carbon , organic N:P:K and growth stimulant. With the application of Magic Gold it enhances crop yield and growth in plants.


Benefits :-
In order to enhance crop yield and overall growth of plants we have developed Magic Gold as a bio base plant growth promoter with 100% bio components –

1. Increases flowers & fruits .
2. Prevents dropping of fruits & flowers.
3. Overall increases the growth of plants.
4. Helps in photosynthesis in Plants.

How to use :-
Dissolve 1.5 ml. to 2.0 ml. in One litre of water for foliar spray . To get better result, when Magic Gold is mixed with our Sticker (BOND) and then applied.

Application Process :-
After the soil / land is prepare for cultivation by our super active organic manure , SABUJ GOLD and the land is ready for sowing of seeds or transplantation of seedlings following process is followed after 30 days from sowing / transplantation.

1. Foliar application of Magic Gold is to be done on the Phyllosphere of the plants along with the application of the GREEN MAGIC on the Rhizosphere of the plants (1st application) is done on the same day.

2. Then every after 15 days from 1st application the same application is repeated of Magic Gold & GREEN MAGIC upto flowering and fruiting stage of the plants till harvesting of agricultural crops.

Important Note :-
1. To get best result from Magic Gold use our product SABUJ GOLD (Organic Manure) during preparation of soil / land for cultivation and also use our product GREEN MAGIC on Rhizosphere of the plants from time to time.

2. It can be also be applied as plant growth regulator in all Agricultural and Horticultural crops.

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