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Neem Pure

Neem Pure is a soil amendment which enriches the soil and works as a nematicide. It provides a better Crop yield and helps to cure diseases and control the growth of nematodes and other soil borne pests.It also improves the organic content of the soil.

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Benefits :-
• It protects the plant from Nematodes and resists other soil borne pests.
• It has huge antifungal Properties.
Neem Pure contents high percentage of Neem oil and thus increases the yield of crops.
• It is active in increasing the growth , leafage , results in rich blossoming , strengthening the roots and improving the general appearance of fruits and vegetables.
• It is eco – friendly and maintain the power of soil.

How to use :
Use 9kg. – 15 kg. Neem Pure per acre of land during preparation of soil.

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