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1. After mixing Sabuj Gold the soil must be maintained in wet condition.
2. Get best result for Sabuj Gold between Ten degree centigrade to Forty degree centigrade temperature.
3. To get best result from Sabuj Gold , use our product MAGIC GOLD on the Phyllosphere of the plants after 30 days from sowing of seeds or transplantation of seedings with an interval of 15 days apart till harvesting of the crops.



Sabuj Gold an organic manure which increases the health and the fertility of the soil, which is the basic necessity of all crops. It increases micro biological activities and supply micronutrients to the soil. It enriches the soil with organic contents and organic NPK.

Benefits : –
• It will rejuvenate the health of soil and retrieve back fertility of soil to its previous original form.
• It improves the fertility of the soil.
• It enriches the soil with organic content and helps to keep the soil healthy and fertile for years.
• It improves water holding capacity of the soil and minimizes the evaporation losses of moisture from the soil.
• It increases the microbiological activity.
• It has no adverse impact on the soil quality and resist the deterioration of fertility of the soil.
• As it is enriched with organic NPK, various other organic ingredients which is essential for plants leafy top growth, for good root growth, good fruit production and also helps the plants to develop resistance against disease and help to keep the plants in healthy condition.
• No other chemical fertilizer is required as application of Sabuj Gold takes care to provide all micronutrients to develop sufficient yield and quality agricultural products.

Application Dose : –
1. Use 300kg of Sabuj gold per acre of land during preparation of soil for cultivation for the 1st year.
2. Use 200kg of Sabuj gold per acre of land during 2nd Year for the preparation of soil on the same land.
3. Use 100kg of Sabuj gold per acre of land during 3rd Year for preparation of soil on the same land.
4. Use only 100kg of Sabuj gold on the same land for subsequent years afterwards.

Application: –
1. Apply 15 kg of Neem Pure (Pure neem khol) per acre of land & then ploughing of land is to be done to turn the soil and loosening it until the soil and neem khol turns into uniform mixture and in powder form in nature.(1st Time)
2. After 7 days again Tilling (2nd Time) is done to make the soil more powder form in nature and this loosened soil allows the roots to penetrate deep into the soil and to breathe easily. It also supports the growth of earthworms and microbes.
3. After 3 days create channels(horizontally or vertically) to apply Sabuj Gold in the channels and apply water to keep the manure in moist condition. Apply soil over the channels and mix the soil with the manure by shovel or spade.
4. After 2 days again Tilling (3rd & final) is done to mix and spread manure mixed soil over the land. Apply water after tilling in such a way to keep the land in moist condition(min 20% to 30% moisture). Keep spraying water on the soil everyday for 8 days. Then the land is ready for sowing of seeds seedlings. It will help in quick germination of seeds.

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