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  • After 10 days from the application of our product Neem Pure (9 to 15 kg per acre of land), Pure Neem Khol. It is based when 600 Kg of Sabuj is applied during preparation of soil for cultivation after 10 days from the application.
  • After mixing Sabuj the soil must be maintain in wet condition . For this condition water has to be sprayed from time to time.
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Sabuj an organic manure which increases the heath and the fertility of the soil, which is the basic necessity of all crops. It Increases microbiological activities and supply micronutrients to the soil. It enriches the soil with organic contents.

Benefits : –
• It improves the fertility of the soil.
• It improves water holding capacity of the soil and minimizes the evaporation losses of moisture from the soil.
• It has no adverse impact on soil quality and resist the deterioration of fertility of the soil, due to the excessive use of chemical fertilizer.
• It is used for soil preparation and it can be used along with any chemical fertilizer.

Application dose : –
Use 600 kg of Sabuj per acre of land during preparation of soil for cultivation.