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Kala Heera

Kala Heera is a noble product which contains cold water Plant extract, Amino acid, Fulvic acid, Rich content of Humic acid, Vita B, C & E. Kala Heera contains Organic N: P: K & Plant Nutrition (Protein Hydrolysate).Kala Heera provides broad spectrum applications for enhanced root system and increase nutrients uptake which helps in disease resistant, plant growth & higher yield.


Benefits of Kala Heera:
1. Better Humus Development thus Better Root Development.
2. Increase Nutrients uptake, more Foliage & Better Flower Formation.
3. Balanced Nutrients uptake. Better Flower Retention, Better Tillering & increase keeping quality.
4. Stress Tolerance, Higher survival rate during Prolonged Stress Condition.

Compatible with commonly used Chemical Fertilizers & Pesticides.

Crops Recommended:
Tea, Paddy, Wheat, Maize Brinjal, Tomato, Pointed Gourd, Chilli, Capsicum, Potato, Onion, Cabbage & Cauliflower, Most of the Vegetables, Groudnuts, Soyabean, Cotton and Fruits like Banana, Grapes, Citrus, Apple & Mango.

Recommended Doses:
Cereals & Vegetables: 1.5 to 2.0 Kg per Acre of Land.
Cash Crops & Horticulture Crops: 3 – 4 Kg per Acre of land.