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Trio Super

Trio Super is an unique product. It is a combination of Amino acids, plant enzymes, phyto vitamins and proteins.


Benefits :
1. Trio super is very effective for plant vigour.
2. It helps & improves root development.
3. It is very effective in improving better yield of a crop.
4. Trio Super improves bud formation in Tea plantation.
5. It improves leaf colour and shinning which gives better returns.
6. It helps in dormancy breaking in Tea plantation.
7. Trio Super enhances chlorophyll & protein synthesis.
8. It helps to withstand Tea plantation during stress condition like drought and cold.
9. Trio Super improves taste & Flavour in Tea leaves.

Recommendation :
It is recommended for Cereals, Pulses, Vegetables and all Crops of agriculture & Horticulture.

How to Use :
Use Trio Super 70 ml to 100 ml per acre of land based on crop condition. To get better result, apply Trio Super mixed with our Sticker (BOND) as Foliar spray on plants.

It is generally applied as plant growth regulator in all agricultural & horticultural crops. It is also good for Potato cultivation.

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