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Orgamino Gold

It is based on organic plant nutrients derived from herbal extract. It is enriched with amino acid, humic acid and fulvic acid.It is strong in systemic action and hence enters into the plant system immediately dispersing over the field. Besides acting as a strong plant nutrient, triggers action in the plant system to act as a suppressor of diseases of crops.


Benefits : –
1. It increases the fertility of the soil.
2. It increases the shape, size, quality & quantity of crops.
3. It is also used for overall growth of the plants.

How to use :-
1st Application: – With main fertilizers at 5-8 kg per acre of land.
2nd Application: – At tillering stage in case of paddy or at the time of 1st dose of fertilizer 5-8 kg per acre of land.
At flowering stage in case of vegetables & flowers 5-8 kg per per acre of land.
At the time of earthlings up in case of potato 5 – 8 kg per acre of land.

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