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Marvel is an unique product which is very effective for profuse Flush in Tea. It improves leaf quality in Tea plantation. Marvel improves Tea leaf weight, Tea Taste and Flavour thus helps in better revenue earnings.



  • Marvel helps to uptake solid states nutrients from soil
  • Marvel helps to break dormancy in tea plants
  • Marvel improves leaf quality in tea plantation.
  • Marvel is very effective for profuse flush in tea.
  • Marvel helps to improve stomatal activities for better chlorophyll synthesis.
  • Marvel increases bud bursting after plucking for better flush.
  • Marvel increases yield in plantation crop.
  • Marvel increases protein synthesis in plant system.
  • Marvel improves tea taste and flavour in finished tea.
  • Marvel improves tea leaf weight thus better revenue.
  • Marvel is mixed with added polyphenol to break tea dormancy.

How to use:
Use Marvel 200ml to 250 ml per acre of land. Marvel is very effective after plucking. Use Marvel 3 – 4 days after plucking. Use BOND (sticker) with Marvel for better result.

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