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Mango (Mangifera indica Linn) is the most important fruit of India and is known as “King of fruits”.

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Description of commercially grown varieties

There are near about 30 varieties of mangoes which are grown commercially. Some of the most important varieties have been listed below in the table. Shows the varietal characteristics of commercially grown mangoes.

Variety Size Flavour Flesh/Fibre Colour Seasonality
Alphonso Medium Sweet, characteristic aroma Fibreless, soft Orange yellow March-May
Bengal Pali Large Sweet, delightful flavour Firm to meaty,fibreless Golden yellow Mid april-june
Dashehari Small and large Very sweet Fibreless, juicy Yellowish green to yellow June –mid july
Bombay green Medium Very sweet Fibreless,juicy Green pale yellow May-june
Langra Medium Sweet, strong aroma Low fibre, moderate juicy Thin green to lettuce yellow June-mid august
Malda Large Sweet, pleasant flavour Fibreless, moderate juicy Primuline yellow June- mid august
Chausa Large Sweet, pleasant flavour Fibreless, moderate juicy Light yellow June- mid august
Mallika Large Sweet Firm fibreless, excellent sugar acid content Golden yellow June-mid july
Kesar Medium Sweet, pleasant aroma Fibreless Golden yellow with red blushes on shoulder May-june
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