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It is an organic formulation developed through natural resources. It effectively stimulates enzymes, vitamins, minerals and promotes photosynthesis in plants.


Benefits :-
Huminic ensures good seed germination, root formation and shoot growth. It increases water holding capacity in soil, in addition to good increase in crop yield. It is a good soil conditioner.

How to use :-
Seed Dressing – Mix 5-10 ml of Huminic with 1 Kg of Seed Foliar Spraying.
Soil Drenching – Mix 2-2.5 ml of Huminic per litre of water and drench the nursery bed and main field near root zone .
Root Dipping – Mix 2 – 2.25 ml of Huminic per litre of water and dip the roots for 5 minutes before planting.
During Growth of Plant and fruit formation stage – Apply Huminic 2 – 2.5 ml per litre of water and spray during growth and fruit formation stages.

To get better result, when Huminic is mixed with our Sticker (BOND) and then applied.

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